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Community Moss Mural

In partnership with Little Rock Department of Parks and Recreation, KLRB sponsored a community event to create a mural using living moss!

Moss murals are a trending art form of which Little Rock has few examples. As an alternative to painted murals and graffiti, living moss is transplanted to a wall using chalk, coco-fiber, soil, and living moss. After installation, it is kept moist for six weeks until established.

Our first experiment with moss as an art media took place in Allsopp Park and was completed by volunteers, who were not afraid of getting a little dirty. Participants harvested local moss and mixed up a moss slurry using buttermilk, water, and corn syrup. The slurry was then applied to a concrete structure to create an image.

Later, coco-fiber, soil, and sheets of living moss were applied to test a new method. Today, volunteers with Parks and Recreation’s Adopt-A-Park program manage the moss mural, adding new moss to keep it fresh.

Moss muralists and volunteers harvest local moss.
Living moss growing on a vertical surface in Allsopp Park.