Litter Prevention

A beautiful community is one without litter, a goal KLRB believes we can realize when we all work together.

We sponsor many community litter and trash clean-ups, working with neighborhood groups, volunteers, and sponsors to protect our environment and improve the quality of life for everyone in Little Rock.


The City of Little Rock’s Adopt-A-Street program offers an opportunity for civic minded groups to beautify the city by picking up litter and trash along a selected street.

Visit the city map at Public Works’ website and click on the green “Adopt A Street box” to see all Adopted Streets in Little Rock!

Adopting a street is easy!

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Here’s what you need to do

  • Identify a street (3 blocks or more) that you want to adopt. The number of volunteers participating in your adopting group may determine the length of street you wish to adopt, but you must choose a minimum of 3 blocks.
  • Mail a completed application to Adopt A Street Program, 701 W. Markham St., #214, Little Rock, AR 72201 or email a scanned copy to You can also call the Adopt-A-Street Coordinator, Suzette Ward, at 501-371-4714.
  • Be safe and follow our set of rules. Adopters wear safety vests when picking up trash along city streets and children under certain ages must be accompanied by adults. We provide rules and guidelines to you for ensuring participation remains safe, fun, and rewarding for everyone.
  • Pick up litter and other trash at least 6 times per year. A good rule of thumb is to pick up trash along your adopted street every two months. Of course, you can pick up trash as often as you like! Certain neighborhood streets have special needs and we welcome your suggestions for ways to improve your street and your experience in the program.
  • Tell us about the positive impact you are making! Every three months (or as often as you want), send us the information about the number of volunteers, bags of trash, and dates you picked up litter along your adopted street during the quarter.

Here’s what we provide

  • Public Works provides a priority list of streets available to adopt  STREETS NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION 2-7-23 If your street is not on the list, ask the Adopt-A-Street Coordinator if yours can be added by calling 501-371-4714 or send an email to The Adopt-A-Street program is responsible for final approval of all selections.[/column]
  • Safety vests, litter bags, recycle bags, and grabbers. We provide the safety vests, trash bags, and litter grabbers you will use. No need to outfit your crew with these items; we have you covered.
  • Scheduled pick up. Small amounts of trash can be deposited by program participants in personal home or business waste carts or dumpsters. For larger collections, program volunteers should notify Suzette Ward, Adopt-A-Street Coordinator, at 501-371-4714 or that some extra help is needed.

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Here’s what you get

  • Clean and safe streets. Participating in the Adopt-A-Street program improves the safety and condition of our city streets for not just you and your family but your neighbors and visitors, too.
  • Pride of ownership. Being a good steward of your adopted street provides almost instant gratification. The results can be seen almost immediately. Bystanders and local drivers can see the positive impact you are having not just on the street but on their quality of life.
  • Public/private partnership. Adopting volunteers, KLRB, and the City of Little Rock are partners in keeping Little Rock beautiful. None of it would be possible without YOU.
  • Recognition signs and certificates. After six months in the program picking up trash along your adopted street, Public Works will install a sign. The sign recognizes your group’s contributions to a cleaner, litter-free Little Rock. Thereafter, your continued, active participation is recognized with a Certificate of Recognition every year.[/column]

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To Apply or Get More Information

Print, complete, and mail your application to:

Adopt A Street Program
701 W. Markham St., #214
Little Rock, AR 72201

We look forward to hearing from you.

Success will come from the partnership between our concerned neighborhoods and businesses and involved city agencies like Public Works and Keep Little Rock Beautiful. Our aim is a clean, safe city.

Download the Adopt-A-Street program brochure.

Presentations on the Adopt-A-Street Program may be arranged for any group. Please contact us at, online, or by calling 501-371-4714 to schedule one for your next group or neighborhood association meeting.

Because of volunteers like you, the Adopt-A-Street program is a Little Rock Success story!