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We believe that every individual has a stake in his or her community, including managing the communities litter problem and the environmental quality of life. Keep Little Rock Beautiful organizes and participates in a number of events throughout the year to improve Little Rock.


Keep Little Rock Beautiful partners with the City of Little Rock’s Public Works’ Adopt-A Street Program. This in an opportunity to beautify the city by volunteering to pick up litter and trash on selected streets. There are many streets in need of adoption.

Check out this Video on YouTube about the Adopt-A-Street Program

Volunteers and groups identify a street (3-7 blocks or more) and pick up litter and trash at least 6 times per year. Public Works provides lists of available streets, signage, safety vests and litter bags, and scheduled pick up of trash collected. To get involved contact Keep Little Rock Beautiful at info@klrb.org or 501-765-3530.

Visit here to download the Online Application for the Adopt-A-Street program, e-mail the application to info@klrb.org or mail to the address at the top of the page.


Beautiful communities are landscaped with plants – and beautiful green communities are landscaped with sustainable landscapes. KLRB is working with the City of Little Rock, volunteers, and sponsors to design, install, and maintain sustainable landscaped medians in key locations throughout the city. The most recently completed project is the sculpture “Playing Ball” and landscaping (in partnership with Botanica Gardens) at the new roundabout on Riverfront Drive and Rebsamen Park Road. The Cumberland Street Triangle at the base of the Interstate 30 off ramp into downtown Little Rock is another continuing success story.

The Little Rock’s Hanging Flower Basket program, featured on Markham Street and two blocks of Main is currently in its fourth year of implementation. The program has been a great success due to the involvement of volunteers with KLRB and Pulaski County Master Gardeners along with the alliance with Little Rock Downtown Partnership, City of LR. The program has been so well received that KLRB is seeking sponsors and partners to expand the program so that more baskets may be hung, enriching the downtown landscape. To learn more contact KLRB at info@klrb.org.

New and continuing projects include the following: Beautification of the proposed roundabout at the junction of Kavanaugh, Pine Valley and North McKinley; the Otter Creek primary entrance along Hwy 5 in Southwest Little Rock; the partnership of the Meadowcliff Community garden with Meadowcliff Elementary School and the Brookwood/Meadowcliff Neighborhood Association.

Cigarette Litter Prevention Program

When it ends up on the ground and not in a receptacle, a cigarette butt is litter. Partially smoked cigarettes, matches, disposable lighters, packaging, and cigarette butts are all part of a growing national litter problem.

KLRB has implemented a program to provide ash receptacles in public places and to distribute free pocket ashtrays to smokers. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with our progress.

Litter Prevention

A beautiful community is one without litter, a goal that KLRB seeks to achieve. We sponsor many community litter and trash clean-ups, working with neighborhood groups, volunteers and sponsors to make an impact.

We track that impact with our annual Litter Index Survey – our scientific survey that measures the quantity of litter on city streets. Each year we identify the most littered streets and strive to get them cleaned up by reaching out to citizens, business and the community in those areas to get the streets adopted through the cities Adopt-a-Street Program.


A green community reduces, reuses, and recycles solid waste. KLRB has established a business recycling program to establish a cardboard and glass recycling in the River Market District. We work with the city, waste haulers, residents and business owners to find ways to expand recycling. We continue to advocate for more effective recycling programs and policies. Recycling programs are currently on going in selected Little Rock Schools.

School Recycling Grants

Congratulations to Brady, Forest Park, and Jefferson Elementary Schools, recipients of the 2013 KLRB Recycling Grants.

A goal of KLRB is to increase recycling in our community. A main thrust of our recycling committee is to fund recycling grants for Little Rock Elementary Schools, which are to be used to inform, encourage and support school recycling programs,

Envision Little Rock 2014: OTTER CREEK an Open Ideas Competition

studioMAIN hosting 2014 Envision Little Rock Design Competition focusing on Otter Creek Neighborhood Following the success of last year’s Envision Little Rock competition which focused on I-30 and Capitol Avenue in Downtown Little Rock, studioMAIN has announced the location of this year’s competition – the Otter Creek Neighborhood. For inquiries contact: Envision Little Rock Committee at www.EnvisionLittleRock@ymail.com
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