Green landscapes, sustainable plantings, sculpture gardens, and an absence of litter are making Little Rock a beautiful city to behold.

Allsopp Park Pollinator Garden

One in every three bites of food can be attributed to pollinators. Pollinator and other insect populations are in decline. Habitat loss is among the many factors impacting these dramatic declines.

Our native pollinators rely on native plants. Arkansas native plants are adapted to Arkansas’s soil and water conditions. Native plants also have extensive root systems that improve soil health and improve water quality and quantity.

This pollinator garden will be supporting pollinators and insect biodiversity which, in turn, supports native wildlife that consume these insects and thus the greater ecosystem as a whole.

In addition to environmental benefits, this pollinator garden will be used as a demonstration area for native plants in landscaped settings and can also be used as an educational resource for local school groups, civic organizations, and natural resource enthusiasts.

Why We Need Pollinator Gardens – PBS video featuring KLRB’s new garden.

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